China Hot selling Stainless Steel Sliding Block Pillow Block Bearing Suct203 Suct204 Suct205 Suct206 Suct207 Suct208 Suct209 Suct210 Suct207-23 bearing and race

Product Description

stainless steel sliding block pillow block bearing SUCT203 SUCT204 SUCT205 SUCT206 SUCT207 SUCT208 SUCT209 SUCT210 SUCT207-23

Pillow blocks, the most commonly used type of mounted units, are housings that have a bearing fitted into them. They are designed to provide shaft support where the mounting surface is parallel to the shaft axis. Typically manufactured from cast iron or cast steel, the pillow block bearing housing has provisions to allow the housing to be bolted down snugly. Pillow blocks are supplied in a variety of configurations and are usually mounted in cleaner environments and generally are meant for lesser loads of general industry.
Pillow blocks are widely used in agriculture machines, conveyor systems, construction machines, etc.


Agricultural Applications
Construction machinery
Food and beverage processing and packaging
Conveyor systems
Material handling systems
Packaging systems
Textile equipment
Air Handling
Special machinery, e.g. car wash systems, gym equipment, go-karts

Product Parameters

Item Shaft Diam
h(mm) a(mm) e(mm) b(mm) g(mm) w(mm) Bolt Size
Bearing No. Housing No. Weight
UCP 201 12 30.2 127 95 38 15 62 M10 UC201 P203 0.65
UCP 202 15 30.2 127 95 38 15 62 M10 UC202 P203 0.63
UCP 203 17 30.2 127 95 38 15 62 M10 UC203 P203 0.62
UCP 204 20 33.3 127 95 38 15 65 M10 UC204 P204 0.65
UCP 205 25 36.5 140 105 38 16 70 M10 UC205 P205 0.79
UCP 206 30 42.9 165 121 48 18 83 M14 UC206 P206 1.3
UCP 207 35 47.6 167 127 48 19 94 M14 UC207 P207 1.6
UCP 208 40 49.2 184 137 54 19 100 M14 UC208 P208 2
UCP 209 45 54 190 146 54 20 108 M14 UC209 P209 2.3
UCP 210 50 57.2 206 159 60 22 114 M16 UC210 P210 2.7
UCP 211 55 63.5 219 171 60 22 126 M16 UC211 P211 3.3
UCP 212 60 69.8 241 184 70 25 138 M16 UC212 P212 4.7
UCP 213 65 76.2 265 203 70 27 150 M20 UC213 P213 5.6
UCP 214 70 79.4 265 210 72 27 156 M20 UC214 P214 7.3
UCP 215 75 82.6 275 217 74 28 163 M20 UC215 P215 7.9
UCP 216 80 88.9 292 232 78 30 175 M20 UC216 P216 10
UCP 217 85 95.2 310 247 83 32 187 M20 UC217 P217 12.2
UCP 218 90 101.6 327 262 88 34 200 M22 UC218 P218 14.7

Item Shaft Diam
h(mm) a(mm) e(mm) b(mm) g(mm) w(mm) Bolt Size
Bearing No. Housing No. Weight
UCP 305 25 45 175 132 45 16 83 M14 UC305 P305 1.6
UCP 306 30 50 180 140 50 19 94 M14 UC306 P306 1.9
UCP 307 35 56 210 160 56 21 105 M14 UC307 P307 2.7
UCP 308 40 60 220 170 60 23 116 M14 UC308 P308 3.3
UCP 309 45 67 245 190 67 25 128 M16 UC309 P309 4.5
UCP 310 50 75 275 212 75 28 143 M16 UC310 P310 6.2
UCP 311 55 80 310 236 80 31 154 M16 UC311 P311 7.7
UCP 312 60 85 330 250 85 33 165 M20 UC312 P312 9.3
UCP 313 65 90 340 260 90 36 174 M20 UC313 P313 9.8
UCP 314 70 95 360 280 90 40 186 M22 UC314 P314 11.4
UCP 315 75 100 380 290 100 40 197 M22 UC315 P315 13.6
UCP 316 80 106 400 300 1)0 45 209 M22 UC316 P316 16.4
UCP 317 85 112 420 320 110 45 221 M27 UC317 P317 18.6
UCP 318 90 118 430 330 110 50 233 M27 UC318 P318 20.9
UCP 319 95 125 470 360 120 50 250 M30 UC319 P319 26.5
UCP 320 100 140 490 380 120 55 275 M30 UC320 P320 34.3
UCP 321 105 140 490 380 120 55 278 M30 UC321 P321 36.6
UCP 322 110 150 520 400 140 60 295 M33 UC322 P322 42.5
UCP 324 120 160 570 450 140 70 321 M33 UC324 P324 53.5
UCP 326 130 180 600 480 140 80 354 M33 UC326 P326 72.1
UCP 328 140 200 620 500 140 80 388 M33 UC328 P328 89.1

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1)Commercial Bearings packaging: 1pc/plastic bag + color box + carton + pallet

2)Industrial Bearings packaging 

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1) T/T:30% deposit, 70% should be paid before shipment.

2) L/C at sight. (high bank charge, not suggested, but acceptable )

3) 100% Western Union in advance. (especially for air shipment or small amounts)


1) Less than 45 KGS, we will send by express. ( Door to Door, Convenient )

2) Between 45 – 200 KGS, we will send by air transport. ( Fastest and safest, but expensive )

3) More than 200 KGS, we will send by sea. ( Cheapest, but long time )


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1. Quality Control To ensure the quality of our vehicles and other products, Our QC staffs do strict supplier evaluations, in-coming inspections, in-process inspections, final inspections and pre-delivery inspections. The most important is that we listen to what our customers say and are always looking for ways to improve the quality of our products through continuous improvement.

2. OEM Ability We have built stable and long-term cooperate relationshilp with supermarkets,we canalso provide ODM, OEM and Agent services to our customers over the world.

3. Parts Available We have spare bearings for immediate delivery to anywhere in the world. Our Bearings widely used in the fields of motor, fan, injection molding machine, mining, mechanical equipment, metallurgy, rolling, automobile, railway, iron and steel, power, textile, packaging, petroleum, paper making, etc

4. Good Warranty We take customer satisfaction and product quality as the first priority for us. We supply reliable warranties and good after-sales services.



1. What is the minimum order quantity for this product?
Can be negotiated, and we will try our best to meet customer needs. Our company is mainly based on wholesale sales, most customers orders are more than 1 ton.

2. What is your latest delivery time?
Most orders will be shipped within 3-10 days of payment being received.

3. What is the competitiveness of your company’s products compared to other companies?
High precision, high speed, low noise.

4. What are the advantages of your company’s services compared to other companies?
Answer questions online 24 hours a day, reply in a timely manner, and provide various documents required by customers for customs clearance or sales. 100% after-sales service.

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Do our best to meet customer needs.

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Aligning: Aligning Bearing
Separated: Unseparated
Feature: Vacuum, Magnetically, Low Temperature, Corrosion Resistant, High Temperature
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1 Piece(Min.Order)


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sliding bearing

Advancements in Sliding Bearing Technology

Recent years have witnessed significant advancements in sliding bearing technology, leading to improved performance, durability, and efficiency in various applications. Some notable developments include:

Self-Lubricating Materials: The use of advanced self-lubricating materials, such as composite polymers and solid lubricants, has reduced the need for external lubrication, enhancing maintenance-free operation.

Nano-Coatings: Nano-coatings with improved wear resistance and reduced friction have been applied to sliding bearings, extending their lifespan and optimizing performance in demanding environments.

Improved Friction Management: Advanced surface texturing and micro-grooving techniques have been employed to manage friction and reduce wear, contributing to smoother operation and increased efficiency.

Bearing Monitoring Systems: Integration of sensors and monitoring systems allows real-time tracking of bearing health, enabling predictive maintenance and reducing unexpected downtime.

Customization: Modern manufacturing techniques, such as 3D printing and precision machining, allow for customized sliding bearings tailored to specific applications, improving overall system performance.

Environmentally Friendly Solutions: Development of environmentally friendly lubricants and materials ensures compliance with regulations and minimizes the impact of sliding bearing technology on the environment.

High-Load Capacities: Advances in material science and engineering have led to sliding bearings with increased load-carrying capacities, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications.

Enhanced Wear Resistance: Improved material compositions and surface treatments have enhanced wear resistance, reducing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance.

Reduced Noise and Vibration: Innovations in design and materials have resulted in sliding bearings that produce less noise and vibration, contributing to quieter and more comfortable machinery operation.

Integration with IoT: Integration of sliding bearings into the Internet of Things (IoT) networks allows for remote monitoring and optimization of bearing performance.

Digital Twin Technology: Digital twin simulations are being used to model sliding bearing behavior, aiding in design optimization and performance prediction.

Efficiency in High-Temperature Environments: Advancements in heat-resistant materials have enabled sliding bearings to operate efficiently in high-temperature industrial applications.

These advancements collectively contribute to the evolution of sliding bearing technology, making them more reliable, durable, and adaptable to a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

sliding bearing

Managing Friction and Wear in Sliding Bearings

Friction and wear are common challenges in sliding bearings that can lead to reduced performance and premature failure. Here’s a detailed look at these challenges and some solutions to manage them:


  • Friction: High friction can lead to energy loss, increased heat generation, and accelerated wear.
  • Wear: Continuous contact between sliding surfaces can result in material removal and surface degradation over time.


  • Lubrication: Proper lubrication is crucial to reduce friction and wear. Lubricants create a protective film between sliding surfaces, minimizing direct contact and promoting smooth movement.
  • Self-Lubricating Bearings: Bearings made from self-lubricating materials, such as polymers containing solid lubricants, can offer continuous lubrication without external intervention.
  • Bearing Design: Optimized bearing designs, such as incorporating grooves or pockets for lubricant retention, can enhance lubrication efficiency and reduce friction.
  • Maintenance: Regular maintenance and lubricant replenishment help ensure consistent lubrication levels and prevent excessive wear.
  • Material Selection: Choosing materials with low friction coefficients and high wear resistance can minimize friction and extend bearing life.
  • Surface Treatments: Coatings, such as PTFE or DLC (diamond-like carbon), can be applied to bearing surfaces to reduce friction and enhance wear resistance.
  • Clearance Adjustment: Proper clearance between bearing components can reduce friction and prevent excessive loading.

By implementing effective lubrication strategies, choosing appropriate materials, and employing suitable design practices, the challenges of friction and wear in sliding bearings can be effectively managed, leading to improved performance and longer bearing life.

sliding bearing

Common Applications and Industries of Sliding Bearings

Sliding bearings are utilized across a wide range of applications and industries due to their unique advantages. Some common applications and industries where sliding bearings are commonly used include:

  • Automotive Industry: Sliding bearings are found in engines, transmissions, suspension systems, and various automotive components.
  • Industrial Machinery: They are used in manufacturing equipment, conveyors, printing machines, and more.
  • Power Generation: Sliding bearings are crucial in turbines, generators, and power transmission systems.
  • Aerospace: They play a role in aircraft landing gear, control systems, and propulsion mechanisms.
  • Marine: Sliding bearings are used in ship engines, propellers, and steering systems.
  • Construction and Mining: They are found in heavy machinery, excavators, loaders, and construction equipment.
  • Oil and Gas: Sliding bearings are used in drilling rigs, pumps, compressors, and refineries.
  • Railway: They are employed in locomotives, train wheels, and rail systems.
  • Medical Equipment: Sliding bearings are used in medical devices, imaging equipment, and surgical instruments.
  • Textile Industry: They play a role in weaving machines, spinning frames, and looms.
  • Food and Beverage: Sliding bearings are utilized in food processing equipment and packaging machinery.
  • Renewable Energy: They are used in wind turbines, solar tracking systems, and other renewable energy applications.

Sliding bearings provide reliable support and smooth motion in various environments, making them essential components in a wide range of industries.

China Hot selling Stainless Steel Sliding Block Pillow Block Bearing Suct203 Suct204 Suct205 Suct206 Suct207 Suct208 Suct209 Suct210 Suct207-23   bearing and raceChina Hot selling Stainless Steel Sliding Block Pillow Block Bearing Suct203 Suct204 Suct205 Suct206 Suct207 Suct208 Suct209 Suct210 Suct207-23   bearing and race
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